13 mins ago

    Stephen Breyer Retires From Supreme Court

    WASHINGTON — Justice Stephen G. Breyer, the senior member of the Supreme Court’s three-member liberal wing, will retire, two people…
    15 mins ago

    Jim Drake, Who Captured Joe Namath on Broadway, Dies at 89

    Jim Drake, a top photographer for Sports Illustrated whose pictures of Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, Arnold Palmer and others, both…
    22 mins ago

    Sarah Palin Recently Dined Indoors in NYC While Unvaccinated

    Sarah Palin, who is not vaccinated against the coronavirus, dined indoors Saturday night at Elio’s, an Italian restaurant on the…
    27 mins ago

    An Extraordinary Iceberg Is Gone, but Not Forgotten

    Perhaps you remember iceberg A68a, which enjoyed a few minutes of fame back in 2017 when it broke off an…
    33 mins ago

    Macron’s Comments on Algeria Resonate as Elections Loom

    PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron of France, addressing a community that has been fertile ground for the far right ahead…
    39 mins ago

    Air Fry a Cheesecake – The New York Times

    Good morning. Do you have an air fryer? Millions of Americans do and, as Christina Morales reports for The Times…
    55 mins ago

    Your Body’s Thirst Messenger Is in an Unexpected Place

    Few pleasures compare to a long cool drink on a hot day. As a glass of water or other tasty…
    1 hour ago

    What to Do if You’ve Lost Your Covid-19 Vaccination Card

    More than a year ago, when Covid-19 vaccines became available and jabs started going into arms, it became a point…

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